Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wrapping up

On Friday, my team finished up our project for the semester and finalized the design document and feedback survey. And then it hit me: we are done! We had just spent the last 16 weeks working diligently to design and create, and we have a working training system and four months’ more design and development experience than we had prior to Immersion.

The 2006-2007 MSHA Team: Tangie, Rashmi, Abi, Dr. D., Allison, and Joe.

In my Advanced Instructional Design class, I learned about problem-based learning, which means learning that results from the process of working toward the understanding or resolution of a problem. Instructional design is a dynamic process of problem understanding and problem solution, which is exactly what I experienced firsthand while working on the MSHA project, in all aspects–content, working with a team of unique individuals who had different ideas and solutions, and a content management system which constantly threw new challenges at us. But those are all part of “Instructional Design”–without the barriers and obstacles, we wouldn’t have learned and grown as much, both individually and as a team. I think that--after a nice winter break, of course--my team is going to come back having reflected upon everything we’ve been submerged in, refreshed and ready to tackle SME feedback and refine the training system to its final state.


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